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Why it is important to remove graffiti as soon as it happens?

Graffiti artists spent time and money putting up their tags on surfaces. They do this to mark their territory, mark over other taggers, or for political reasons against certain ideologies. This is why you see many of the same tags in different areas. Here are some of the territorial types of tags (taggers that are marking their territory with tags):

Because of this, removing graffiti as soon as possible is key. The longer between removals gives the taggers the knowledge that if they tag that surface it will be up for a longer amount of time. Graffiti taggers used this knowledge to understand which surfaces they should tag next. Think about all the options they have, knowing when and where to tag is key. The frequent removal gives them no incentive to tag your business but instead to move on to other surfaces. Here are some examples of political or ideology tagging:

One of our largest clients, a self-storage company, was getting tagged weekly before we started working for them. More and more tags would keep appearing on the same wall. We have since started removing the graffiti within 3 days of the tag by consistently patrolling the area. Now, a few months later they only get tagged about once every 3 months. The consistency and frequency of the removals are what keep others from tagging their surfaces.

This is how we got this customer from being tagged weekly to every 3 months. The first time the wall was tagged we removed it within a 24 hour window. Then it took about a week before it was tagged again. Again, we removed it within 24 hours. This created frustration and a waste of resources for the taggers. So then the wall was not tagged again for 2 weeks. After that removal, it was a month before tagging happened again. This cycle continued until the tagging is about 3 months apart. The above idea is why it is important to have the graffiti removed as soon as possible.

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