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3 Proven Tactics for Keeping Business Exterior Graffiti Free

Graffiti can be a big problem for many businesses. Graffiti removal is not always easy, and it costs time and money to remove graffiti from the exterior of your business.

Tagging removal may not be enough either! There are 3 proven tactics that will keep graffiti off your property in the long run: Paint over Graffiti, Graffiti Removal Services, and Graffiti-Shield Coating Systems.

Remove any tags and do not let them build up over time – if you have an extensive problem with gangs tagging your us for more aggressive long term solutions....

Graffiti removal from a door

The second method is to apply an anti graffiti coating to the surface. This will make removing the graffiti easier after the surface has been tagged. Remove graffiti as quickly as possible but stop using cleaning agents or power washers that contain acids because they will eat away at the coating.

The last is to have a mural painted on the surface. The mural needs to be professionally done and approved through council channels if it is within 50m of any dwellings (kit homes, townhouses, apartments etc.), but if it is further than this you can get away with a professional-looking piece of art! Remember whatever your choice you need to decide what you want long term not just for now.

There are also some good long-lasting coatings available but most require water pressure washing equipment which is an investment that many businesses cannot justify because of its costs and upkeep. The coatings are tricky to apply, do consult a professional in order to ensure proper application.

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